The Need For Suspension Repair

Every vehicle has a suspension system, made up of tires,  springs, shocks ad steering. This system is standard on  all on road and off road vehicles,  as it creates  friction between the tires and its components, There becomes a demand  for most drivers to have better steering stability."We can Help" 

About Us

We are the official, the original and the federal trade marked Toys For Trucks®, we are based out of Southern California. We focus on lifestyle and have a serious commitment to our industry. We have always separated ourselves by setting the standard high for other shops to follow. Are you dreaming of an upgrade for your vehicle? At Toys For Trucks®, we specialize in converting your dream into a reality. We work hard daily to build our brand and create a great feeling for our customers. We strive to make you'r truck be better than the the next guy.


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