About Us

We are the official, the original and the federal trade marked Toys For Trucks®, we are based out of Southern California. We focus on lifestyle and have a serious commitment to our industry. We have always separated ourselves by setting the standard high for other shops to follow. Are you dreaming of an upgrade for your vehicle? At Toys For Trucks®, we specialize in converting your dream into a reality. We work hard daily to build our brand and create a great feeling for our customers. We strive to make you'r truck be better than the the next guy. The key is for your truck to drive as good if not better than it looks, and we can make this happen. We specialize in drivability and safety for all lifted trucks, leveled trucks, long travel trucks, long arm jeeps, lifted jeeps, modified  Utv's, and even lowered trucks. Suspensions is our specialty. Turn to Toys For Trucks®, your truck, Utv, and Jeep modification company in Hesperia, CA, to receive a custom solution for each of your goals.

The right upgrade can make a world of difference for any vehicle. At Toys For Trucks®, our team of technicians offers a number of different options for drivers of all types of trucks, Jeeps, and Utv's.  With our performance lifted suspension, you will enjoy a smoother ride on any terrain. We invite you to shop with us for everything from aftermarket truck and Jeep wheels to new lighting systems.


Achieve the look you’ve always wanted for your ride when you shop our selection of aftermarket truck, Jeep, and Utv wheels. With an extensive selection to choose from, our inventory includes something for every vehicle. We feature top quality options that fit with any make or model, specializing in lifted leveled truck and Jeep wheel offsets.

When you buy your new truck, bring it to Toys For Trucks® to add your lift kit package, wheels and tires, commercial truck package, or Jeep long arm package. You can trust that your valuable vehicle is in our capable hands. Whether it is an on-road upgrade or an off-road addition, we have you covered for every modification request. Our trained team will prove that our reputation for quality and service will be worth every penny!


One of the most complex and important parts of any vehicle is the drivetrain. If you’re looking for more power, then you’re probably looking to update your drivetrain. Most people assume that updating or fixing an engine will improve power performance, but you need to have the drivetrain modifications to back it up.


Having a functional suspension is essential to a smooth ride. If bumps are impacting you more than they normally would, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a look at the performance lifted suspension.


From the battery to the alternator, a truck or Jeep's electrical system includes a number of elements. We carry a variety of different products to help you upgrade your ride.


At Toys For Trucks®, we will stand up to the plate no matter what. Our company will fix any and all squeaks, rattles, or alignment issues no matter what happened (installation related) with no questions asked for the first year after we installed it. This is essential "peace of mind" for any driver. This warranty applies to all of our interior and exterior accessories, lift kits, wheels, tires, camper shells, bed covers, towing, and 4 wheel drive services. With Toys For Trucks®, you are on the way to have fun on and off road.


If you own a truck,or Jeep you may end up using your vehicle to transport larger items that do not fit in the bed of your truck. When you choose our towing and hitch products, you will be able to connect various equipment to the back of the truck, including other Utv's and toy box trailers.


A Jeep or truck is more than just a mode of transportation. For many vehicle owners, this passion is a part of their livelihood. Show your love for the road when you shop our selection of Toys For Trucks® branded apparel.

Contact us to work with our truck modification company to upgrade your ride for on and offroad driving. We offer a series of different products and services for drivers throughout Victorville, Apple Valley, Phelan, Adelanto, Barstow, and Hesperia, California.